V073: The Glenn Gould Collection: II. Sonatas and Dialogues

Sony Classical, VHS (NTSC), color (1992), 59:00.

Executive Producer: Fritz Buttenstdt
Concept and Supervision: Kevin Wood
Written and directed by Bruno Monsaingeon

Time Description
00:00 Credits
00:20 GG performs Bach's Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 4 (BWV 1017) with Yehudi Menuhin (1965)
15:24 Dialogue with Menuhin about Beethoven
18:35 GG and Menuhin perform Beethoven's Sonata for Piano and Violin No. 10, op. 96 (1965)
41:15 Dialogue with Menuhin about Schoenberg
47:20 GG and Menuhin perform Schoenberg's Phatasy for Violin with Piano Accompaniment, op. 47 (1965)
57:20 Credits, GG performance of the Goldberg Variations (Aria)