V031: City of Strangers: Welcome to Paradise

British Broadcasting Corporation, VHS (NTSC), color (1992), 48:00

Narrated by Sam Wanamaker

Executive Producer: Diana Lashmore
Associate Producer: Sue Knussen
Produced by Ann Hummel for the BBC

Time Description
00:00 Credits, scenes of the Hollywood hills
1:25 Interview with Vincent Price, discusses impressive circle of émigrés
2:25 Interview with Cornelia Foss, painter
2:50 Interview with Lukas Foss, composer
3:25 Bus tour of Hollywood, Walk of Fame, Cafe America
4:30 Footage from The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), directed by Michael Curtiz, music by Erich Wolfgang Korngold
5:15 Interview with Neal Gabler, author of An Empire of Their Own
5:40 Statue of Liberty; footage from Romance in Manhattan (1936); footage of Ellis Island
7:10 Interview with Leon Askin, actor/director; footage of immigrants
8:50 Stories of Louis B. Mayer, Sam Goldwyn, and Adolph Zukor
9:05 Footage from Dodge City (1939), directed by Michael Curtiz
9:55 Mountains and deserts around Los Angeles, beginnings of the movie industry in Hollywood, ideal climate
11:45 Neal Gabler, discusses the establishment of a new social system in southern CA
12:30 Footage from What Price Hollywood? (1932); Gabler
13:00 Footage from a film about Zukor; Gabler discusses the eastern European heritage of movie moguls
14:25 Footage from an early silent film; early films by D. W. Griffith
15:35 Interview (filmed 1974) with Rouben Mamoullian, director
16:05 Interview with Jean Negulesco, director
16:30 Footage from What Price Hollywood? (1932); Gabler discusses the movie moguls' goals and aspirations
17:55 Scenes of opulent movie theaters modelled on European palaces
18:50 Footage from Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (1928), directed by Walter Ruttmann
19:10 Interview with Curt Siodmak, writer, and Henrietta Siodmak
19:30 Discussion of Berlin in 1920s, Max Reinhardt's activities and influence
20:20 Interview with Gottfried Reinhardt, son of Max Reinhardt
20:40 Footage of Otto Preminger speaking at the National Film Theatre (1972)
21:30 Gottfried Reinhardt
22:30 Footage from Die Nibelungen (1924), directed by Fritz Lang
23:15 Discussion of contemporary German film, government's support of UFA in Berlin
23:50 Interview with Ted Thomas, UFA Representative, New York 1920s
24:50 Interview with John Pommer, producer and son of Erich Pommer, head of UFA
25:50     Emigration of leading producers, directors and actors to Hollywood
26:20 Footage from The Last Laugh (1924), directed by F. W. Murnau
27:00 Footage from Murnau's first Hollywood film, Sunrise (1927)
28:20 Beginning of the sound film
28:40 Interview with Ted Thomas, dialogue director 1930s
29:10 Contemporary footage of MGM's sound lot from the air
29:35 John Pommer discusses Ernst Lubitsch's activities
30:15 Gottfried Reinhardt discusses Lubitsch's association with Reinhardt
30:40 Footage from Ninotchka (1939), directed by Lubitsch
31:40 Askin, Thomas
32:15 Footage from The Merry Widow (1934), directed by Lubitsch