V027: Les Musiciens du Quatuor: Largo desolato: L'exil

1991, VHS (PAL), color, 51:00, in English and German with French subtitles

L'I.N.A. / La S.E.P.T. / C.S.T. / M.T.V. France
Produced by Georges Zeisel
Scenario by Georges Zeisel and Catherine Zins

Credits listed at end.

Time Description
0:00 Credits
1:15 Le Quatuor Ludwig playing Berg's Lyric Suite (Allegretto Gioviale), being coached by Eugene Lehner (violist of the Kolisch Quartet, 1926-1940)
3:45 Street scenes, Vienna early 20th century, more credits
5:00 Modern Vienna, Lehner lecturing – compares Viennese musical life to the popularity of baseball in America
7:00 Early Viennese urban scenes
7:50 Lehner continues, discusses his early career, joining the Kolisch Quartet
8:45 Scenes of modern Vienna; Lehner continues, discusses the premiere of Berg's Lyric Suite; Quatuor Ludwig plays the Lyric Suite (Andante Amoroso)
10:35 Photo of Louis Krasner, violinist; interview with Krasner
11:20 Rehearsal with violinist and pianist of Schoenberg's Phantasy, op. 47
13:15 Photo of Schoenberg; interview with Krasner; photos of Anton Webern and Alban Berg
13:30 Quatuor Ludwig rehearsing Berg's Lyric Suite (Adagio Appassionato)
16:05 Lehner continues his dicussion of the Lyric Suite, a piece that expresses "infinite sadness"
17:35 Schoenberg portrait of Berg; interview with Krasner
18:30 Interview with Felix Galimir, violinist of the Galimir Quartet
19:20 Interview with Adrienne Krasner-Galimir
19:55 Felix Galimir discusses playing Beethoven; Rosé Quartet plays Beethoven's op. 18, no. 4 (recording)
21:00 Lehner discusses Rosé Quartet's premiere of Schoenberg's 2nd string quartet
21:30 Footage of Alma Mahler-Werfel and her daughter, Anna; Alma discusses Mahler's opinion of Schoenberg
22:25 Quartet performs Schoenberg's 2nd quartet, IV. movement (1908)
24:45 Felix Galimir discusses this quartet movement
26:08 Schoenberg self-portrait
26:15 Lehner discusses the intellectual climate of Vienna's fin de siècle
26:45     Scenes of modern Vienna, including Adolf Loos's building on Michaelerplatz (1910)
27:00 Quatuor LaSalle performing Webern's Bagatelles, op. 9 (1913)
28:55 Paintings by Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele
29:20 Quatuor Ludwig playing Berg's Lyric Suite (Presto delirando)
32:18 Lehner continues working with the quartet on this movement
33:00 Kolisch Quartet performing Schoenberg's 1st string quartet; photos of the Kolisch Quartet and of Schoenberg
33:25 Lehner discusses a Schoenberg birthday party, the first time the Kolisch Quartet tried playing from memory, thereafter they always tried to play without music
34:50 Quartet continues
35:25 Lehner discusses their performances under the Nazi regime
36:30 Footage of Nazi book burning, Goebbels addressing the crowd (1933)
37:35 Gelimir discusses his precarious position in 1930s Vienna and subsequent move to Palestine
40:00 Footage of Anschluss; Quatuor Ludwig performing Berg's Lyric Suite (Largo desolato)
41:10 Interview with Otto Strasser, discusses founding of the Schneiderhan Quartet
43:30 Footage of the Salzburger Festspiele under Hitler, performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni
43:40 Strasser continues
44:00 Photos of the Rosé Quartet performing in London and their emigration to the US, emigration of the Galimir Quartet to the US (1938), emigration of Busch Quartet and Budapest Quartet to the US (1939), emigration of Pro Arte Quartet to the US (1940), Schoenberg's emigration to the US (1933)
44:35 Footage of Berlin Philharmonic performing Beethoven's 9th for Nazi officials (1942)
45:10 Augarten park in Vienna with flak towers
45:45 Quartet rehearsing Berg's Lyric Suite (6th movement) with Lehner
49:30 Credits
51:00 End


Eugene Lehner

Quatuor Ludwig
J. Philippe Audoli, violin
Marc Togonal, violin
Padrig Fauré, viola
Anne Copéry, cello

Louis Krasner
Felix Galimir
Adrienne Krasner-Galimir
Otto Strasser

Le Quatuor Parisii
Thierry Brodard, violin
J. Michel Berrette,
Dominique Lobet, viola
J. Philippe Martignoni, cello
Liliane Mazeron, soprano