V014: "Arnold Schoenberg: Father of Modern Music"

Non-commercial, b/w (1966).

VHS (PAL), 58:30.
VHS (NTSC), 58:30.
VHS (PAL): silent (footage of Rockingham home used during television show), 12:50.
VHS (NTSC): silent (footage of Rockingham home used during television show), 12:50.
VHS (NTSC): silent (footage of Rockingham home used during television show, also Serge Hovey home movies), 11:50. ABC TV "Scope" Series, hosted by Truman Fisher (Pasadena City College)

Directed by Wes Butler

Time Description
0:00 Blank tape
0:30 Sextet performing Verklärte Nacht, titles
4:40 Fisher thanks the performers and introduces a contrasting work (4th String Quartet).
5:25 Fisher interrupts the performers and makes further introductory comments. He sits at the piano and explains the concept of "tonality."
9:55 Prelude to Tristan und Isolde, arranged for string quartet
10:50 Fisher returns to comment upon problems of chromatic composition
12:00 String ensemble plays an arrangement of Prokofiev's "Classical Symphony"
13:30 Ensemble plays a Stravinsky neo-Baroque piece
14:00 Fisher refers to Debussy's use of pentatonicism and whole-tone scale, plays a bit of Nuages
14:45 Fisher discusses modes and atonality. He plays an excerpt from op. 11, no. 1, then explains the 12-tone method of composition. String players demonstrate various permutations of a row (from op. 37).
21:30 Footage from Schoenberg's Rockingham home (quartet plays op. 37, mvmt. 1 in the background). Gertrud Schoenberg shows Fisher around Schoenberg's study: various 12-tone devices, manuscripts (Verklärte Nacht, op. 11, op. 23).
25:50     Fisher returns to the TV studio; sextet resumes Verklärte Nacht.
27:45 Program concludes, titles
29:25 Beginning of next Scope episode (taped February 22, 1966 to be aired April 15, 1966)
29:55 Bust of Schoenberg, titles
30:25 Fisher greets the audience, introduces Gertrud Schoenberg, Rudolf Kolisch, and Lawrence Schoenberg
32:15 Footage from Serge Hovey home movies (see V034); photos of Schoenberg; Schoenberg's voice-over from various sound recordings (speaking English)
35:30 Return to television studio. Fisher asks Kolisch to comment on performing Schoenberg's works.
38:35 Fisher asks Larry for his reminiscences about his father. Larry discusses the Sunday morning classes. Gertrud demonstrates Schoenberg's crafts: models, playing cards, paint box. Gertrud discusses Schoenberg's paintings, many of which are hung in the television studio.
47:20 Fisher introduces Robert Gross and Peter Hewitt, who perform Schoenberg's Phantasy for Violin and Piano op. 47.
55:30 Performance concludes. Fisher thanks his guests for participating and makes concluding comments.
58:30 End of recording.


Irving Geller
Roy Tanabe
Irving Manning
Jeanne Aiken
Don Cole
Beverly Lauridsen