Aufnahmedatum: 1948 October
Dauer: 2:07
Beschreibung: Letter in English. Schoenberg thanks Silvers for the gift of a wire recorder.
Signatur: 2/C (2:03); 109/R7 (2:07); 2/W (2:03)
Publikationen: keine


SCHOENBERG: Dear Miss Silvers: After worse attempts, I try now, for the perhaps sixth or seventh time, to speak to you. I want to thank you very cordially for this wonderful gift--the Webster wire recorder. I am sure it will help me to really finish this book on counterpoint at least the first volume, Preliminary Exercises, in time. After all, I will have, at first, to acquire... to know exactly what I want to say before I start because this is what always happens and why I ruined half a spool already throwing away the wire. But this time I hope it will succeed, or, I will succeed (better). I will... I am sure that when I can finish this book there will be a possibility to reward you, making it known to everybody who reads this book that I thank it to you that I could do this in my present state. Thank you very much Miss Clara Silvers.